Incredible Attraction Centers You Have Never Seen

Singapore is known for its beautiful cultural and eco-friendly lifestyle. In fact, the country derives most of its revenue from tourism. Yes, Singapore is a tiny country. What if I tell you that there are incredible places in Singapore you have not visited despite its small landmass? Well, that is true. So many foreigners have not yet explored one in every 100 tourist attractions in Singapore. Sure, we acknowledged that Singapore is one of the most visited places in the world. However, it also has some beautiful places many have not yet explored. Maybe you must have step foot into Changi airport or Marina Bay Sands. Have you been to museums filled with incredible artistry work or park filled with thousands of crawling and hopping animals of different species? Here is your chance to get more information about Singapore’s astonishing attraction centers. 

Haw Par Villa: A quick work to Haw Par station. This is a nightmarish Singapore park and could leave you terrified, but it is worth a visit. Its detailed tales and brutal morals they impact according to the severity of the crime. It is a collection of ancient statues that illustrate scenes that mimics the presence of ancient legends. The best part is the ten chambers of hell, which demonstrate the limb tearing, heart-ripping, skull breaking that awaits sinful souls in hell. You will still have to see monkey kings, pigsty, and a few others. Trust me; it is one of the best places to pass out time while visiting Singapore. It is worth every bit of time. 

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum: I am so happy my buddy, Jose Pablo who owns a flooring company called Xpedite Coatings told me about the Buddha tooth relic temple and museum located at the Chinatown distinct in Singapore. It is a site of beauty where you must see different golden architectural designs and sculptural work. The temple is built based on Tang dynasty architectural design, which is made to house the historical Buddha’s tooth. The building golden and rich with all sorts of ornament. It is a place you will like to see. Another exciting feature is the two golden stupas located on the top floor of the sacred light hall. Only monks can go there. However, visitors can only have a glance at it from the viewing gallery from 9 am-12noon. No first-time visitor will fail to be amazed at the beauty of this destination, from the sweet-smelling incense candles to the richly golden architectural design. This destination is a must- see. 

Henderson Waves Bridge: Take a walk to Henderson waves bridge to see the incredibly beautiful structure mounted in the heart of Singapore. The 274m long bridge is seen standing 36m above the busy Henderson road. The beautiful curvy bridge mimics the shape of a wave. As it curves and twists throughout the entire 274m so as it brings out the fun, beauty, and attraction that makes it fantastic for views, especially for joggers, families, and those hanging out for weekends. You can choose to explore the bridge through Southern Ridges Walk, which connects the bridge through Telok Blangah Hill Park and Mount Faber Park. It is an excellent place to visit with your family. Apart from being able to observe green shinny plants and animal lives, you can also have a better few of the island from the walkway