5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Brussels

Brussels Cityscape from Monts des Arts at dusk, Belgium

If you want to discover the real beauty of Europe, you have to visit Brussels.

The capital city of Belgium is a tourist’s delight not only for its beauty and attractions but also for its hospitable people and a great number of tourists. The city was named as such because of the beautiful Champs Elysees and the famous bridge across the river Kwai.

Apart from being a beautiful sightseeing spot, Brussels has a great number of interesting places and tourist attractions that a tourist should definitely see. Below are the reasons as to why you should visit Brussels:

Reason #1

Brussels is very unique in terms of climate. This place is situated in the Europe Alps, which means it has chilly weather all year round. There are many events that you can visit in order to keep yourself busy and enjoy this beautiful city. You can go shopping, sightseeing, or have a tour of the city. It is the perfect place if you want to do some fun activities during your vacation.

Reason #2

Tourists get excited about seeing Europe’s most famous landmarks but not many know that the city is also home to a number of museums. One of these museums is the Van Gogh Museum. Even though this museum is located in Amsterdam, visitors can still come to see it. It is very close to the Eekla River that flows through the city. Some of the paintings in this museum can be found in other Dutch museums too.

Reason #3

Brussels has many sporting activities. It has many championship golf courses and tennis clubs. These courses provide a wonderful way of spending your vacation. The city is also home to several football teams as well as ice hockey and basketball clubs. The youth soccer club is one of the most prominent clubs in Belgium.

Reason #4

One of the best ways of learning about European history is to visit the city of Brussels. The city covers four quadrants of the city and it has a very large historic center. You should definitely learn about the city’s history when you are there. You can do this during the guided tours that the city provides. There are some free guided tours but you may have to purchase tour tickets for those that are organized by the city.

Reason #5

Brussels has beautiful gardens and parks. Some of these parks are made from glass and are very breathtaking. During your stay in Brussels, you should try visiting these parks on a regular basis. These parks have been created as a place where people can sit and relax during their vacation.

Final Words

If you are wondering what to do in Brussels, it’s a great city. It is one of Europe’s most interesting cities, offering everything from great food, elegant culture, great shopping, beautiful sights, and wonderful people.

When you’re looking for fun things to do in Brussels, the list is seemingly endless. These are just a few of the things they can discover in this wonderful city. Visit while you’re in town for the weekend or even for a week. You won’t be disappointed by what Brussels has to offer.