Month: December 2020

A Chile Lake District Guide

A breathtaking view of the snowy mountains under the cloudy sky in Patagonia, Chile

The Chile Lake District is an extraordinary area in South America, located between the border of Argentina and Chile. This region has been voted as one of the top 10 destinations of the world by the likes of National Geographic Traveler and Time magazine. All in all, it’s one of the best places to visit in the world.

This vast area offers an incredible variety of scenery, natural panoramas and numerous mineral deposits. A Chile Lake District Guide can help you discover these deposits and the amazing scenery that comes with them.

There are many routes into this region, but the most popular route is to take a railway tour from the town of Los Trancas to the southernmost tip of the country. From here, you will see the grand ruins of the former cities of San Juan and Santa Cruz. 

One of the most popular lakes is Lake Arenal and is surrounded by a variety of impressive mountains including the Sierra Nevada. You can also visit the national forest of Parro National Park, made from raised pine trees.

Lower Lake Portion

If you are looking for more water then you should visit the lower portion of the lake. Here you will find the Marzocchi Lago, which is regarded as one of the deepest lakes in South America.

Other lakes include the Magalluf Lake, which is formed when the volcanic ash pools near the base of Mount Eustatake erupts and ends up in the lake. The other lakes include the Alfred Lake which was discovered by American geologist Erasmus Darwin.

Surrounding Cities

The Chile Lake District begins in the lovely cities of Puerto del Carmen, on the south shores of Llanquihue Lake, right next to metropolitan Barcelona.

Once populated by German immigrants, Puerto Varas has become a popular hub for international travelers going through the Chile Lake District and heading to Bariloche, the eastern end of the Lake.

Today, it is the country’s most visited destination. It offers a range of different experiences, including boating, hiking, fishing, sailing, swimming, water skiing, and horseback riding. Visitors have the option of staying in hotels or if they prefer, they can simply rent a boat and cruise down the beautiful waters of the Chile Lake.

Chile Lake Tours

To make sure that visitors are able to get the most out of their time in Puerto Varas and the surrounding areas, the district has put up a series of Chile Lake Tours that will enable travelers to see all of its highlights.

The Lake Tour lets visitors step into the shoes of local residents and allow them to try out the various dishes that are made in the region, from the delicacies sold at the local markets to the amazing wines that are produced nearby.

This tour lasts about two hours and allows visitors to explore both the natural and man-made wonders that make up this corner of South America.