Month: October 2020

Mole National Park in Ghana

Mole National Park is the largest park in Ghana and is one of the most popular safari destinations in West Africa.

Wildlife Sanctuary

Mole National Park is a wildlife sanctuary in its own right and is visited by thousands of tourists every year. It is home to many wildlife species, including elephants, lions, elephants, giraffes, and hippos.

It also has a population of rare species like the white-headed vulture and the endangered black rhino. The park also features numerous water holes where local animals feed.

The Konkori Escarpment

The Konkori Escarpment is home to the world’s largest wetland. The wetland comprises a network of submerged tributaries with numerous ponds, lakes, and river beds.

This feature is called ‘The Great Rift Valley’ because of the high arid climate found on the plateau. There are also areas in the park that are covered by vegetation and are inaccessible to humans. These areas act as a breeding ground for wildlife.

A visit to the Konkori Escarpment is an unforgettable experience for those interested in the park’s natural beauty and wildlife. There is a panorama of waterholes in the west of the reserve where animals feed and take a bath. There are several lakes and watercourses where the hippos and crocodiles congregate to drink from.

If You Visit

To access the park, you have to travel through the Zamfara region. It is important to note that this region is also one of the country’s poorest due to the scarcity of resources. It is important to note that the Zamfara is also home to many different tribes.

The best time to visit is in late summer or early autumn season, as the rains in this part of the country tend to worsen as the months pass.

The rains in July and August tend to be heavier than the showers in other months. The rains cause flooding, which can also affect tourism in a big way.

Where to Stay

The hotels in the area are very reasonable and comfortable and come complete with everything you could want, such as swimming pools, bars, restaurants, and even a golf course.

You can even enjoy your stay at one of the many lodges that are located near the beaches. If you are interested in camping, there are campsites that you can use during your stay, and some even offer private cabins. You can also participate in many activities in the park that make your stay even more memorable.

Things to Do

You can do many things and experience in this area, including hiking, biking, and even bird watching. However, if you want to get out into the jungle, there are tours available that will allow you to trek up Mount Etosha.

Mount Etosha is one of the highest peaks in Africa, located near Lake Volta. It is an incredible place to experience and see all the different animals that inhabit the area. When you stay at one of the lodges, you can be close to the wildlife that will give you some incredible views of this fantastic place.…